"We believe that we grow best in the context of relationship!" 


Our adult ministry is crucial in leading our church's mission of "Connecting REAL people to Jesus, through REAL relationships." Connecting in deep ways in our love for God and for one another is best done practically through LifeGroups with other people. This is also done through classes of growth at FBC (i.e. FIRST STEPS, The Connecting Class, The Contribution Class, and Contagious Christian).


FIRST STEP with Pastor Brian & Friends Join us with other newer folks over pizza lunch, having an informal conversation around why we do what we do around here at First Baptist Church (FBC).  This is also a time where we can help point you to ways of getting connected more at FBC. First Steps is generally scheduled every other month on Sundays, 12 noon for about an hour (immediately after our 10:30 a.m. worship service.  Sign up for our next FIRST STEPS here: 


Connecting Class-Want to explore what it means to be part of a Biblically-functioning community of faith? Our connecting class, through  Q&A, and pastors, will provide you an inside look at FBC and what it would mean for you to be truly connected. To sign up for the next class click here



Contributing Class- Learn what unique spiritual gifting God has given you and how your gifting can be used with other believers to grow Christ's kingdom. To sign up for the next class click  here 




Contagious Christian Class- Evangelism doesn't have to be frustrating or intimidating. You will discover your own natural evangelism style, how to develop a contagious Christian character, to build spiritually strategic relationships, to direct conversations toward matters of faith, and to share biblical truths in everyday language. To sign up for the next Contagious Christian Class click here



 A Lifegroup consists of two or more people who want to        experience a vibrant, life-changing relationship with God  resulting in a deeper commitment to Jesus, a stronger connection with others, and an increasing sense of purpose by contributing to God's mission.

Want to get connected to a Lifegroup at FBC? 
Find a Lifegroup here!

To find the right Lifegroup fit for you, if you are on the "home" page, click on "Find a Lifegroup" to see our most-current list of Lifegroups. You can even "email a leader" to ask more questions about the group. You can also find the list of current Lifegroups under the "Ministries" tab and go down to "Lifegroups."











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