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Video Reflection - Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus

Palm Sunday, April 5
READ Jesus’ Triumphal Entry, Matthew 21: 1-17
REFLECT: How is Jesus “King” of your life? The people’s Palm Sunday cheering later turned to jeering. How have you found people to be fickle? Ever been fickle yourself?
PRAYER: Lord, you are the King of kings, Lord of lords! You deserve subjects who are much more faithful than I am. Forgive me when I have been fickle, unfaithful and have not followed through on things you have commanded of me...
RESPOND: Join with other believers in Palm Sunday worship today and choose to praise him and sing your Hosannas with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. Bring home a palm branch and place it in a prominent place to remind you that Jesus is your Lord and King.

Monday, April 6
READ: Jesus Cleansing the Temple, Luke 19:45-48
REFLECT: Why do you think Jesus was so upset upon entering the temple? Have you ever misused something God gave you? How?
PRAYER: Lord, I am so thankful for the opportunity to worship you as my King. You are King and I am your subject. I want to live my life submitted to you and your Word. Forgive me for those times I have treated you like my personal servant, more than the Lord of my life...
RESPOND: Jesus said His house was to be a house of prayer. Pray today, asking God to help you become more a person of prayer.

Tuesday, April 7
READ Jesus Predicts His Death, John 12:20-36
REFLECT: Jesus talked about a kernel of wheat falling to the ground to die so that it produced many seeds. What, in you, needs to die? How could God’s name be glorified in you today?
PRAYER: Lord, I want you to increase as I decrease, so that people would see more of you in me. I want to put to death anything and everything that would get in the way of you being seen in me...
RESPOND: Consider fasting at lunch today and give the time to prayer. Throughout the afternoon, each time your stomach reminds you of your hunger, ask God to give you a hunger for him and his righteousness.

Wednesday, April 8
READ Jesus’ Betrayal, Luke 22:1-6
REFLECT: Has a friend ever betrayed you? Is there any hurt you are hanging on to that you need to give over to God?
PRAYER: Lord, you have invited me into a relationship with you that is supposed to affect all my other relationships. Help me with my relationships with others, especially with those who have disappointed me. Help me to forgive...
RESPOND: Call, e-mail or send a personal invitation to someone and invite them to join you on Sunday at our special Easter Sunday Service.

Maundy Thursday, April 9
READ: Jesus’ Last Supper, Luke 22:7-23 & John 13: 2-17
REFLECT: Jesus Jesus said that one of his very own would betray him. Each of his disciples asked, “Is it I?” Ask the Lord the question today, “Is it I? Is there any way I am betraying You?”
PRAYER: Lord, you have given me an example of servanthood. Please help me to learn humility from you and be willing to serve you whenever, wherever, and however you want me to serve...
RESPOND: Attend the Maundy Thursday communion service at 7:00 pm where we will learn more about the Passover Meals from Jews for Jesus and share the communion meal.

Good Friday, April 10
READ: Jesus’ Death, John 19:1-30
REFLECT: What do you think of Pilate’s handling of the trial? In what way is Pilate just like us?
PRAYER: Lord, you bore my sins in your body on the cross. I am so sorry for the pain you had to endure...
RESPOND: The film The Passion of the Christ is a fairly accurate, heart-wrenching depiction of the suffering of Christ on Good Friday. Join others tonight at FBC at a 6:00 pm for a showing of The Passion of the Christ. Please note that this film is R-rated. (17 years and older, 14-16 accompanied by an adult.)

Saturday, April 11
READ: Jesus’ Burial, Matthew 27:57-66
REFLECT: Use your imagination. What kind of person do you think Joseph of Arimathea was, and what do you think he was feeling? What do you think the two Marys’ were feeling and thinking?
PRAYER: Lord, I know that goodbyes, endings, and death, are all part of life. I am so thankful that you offer us eternal life, heaven, and a love that endures forever...
RESPOND: Take a quiet walk today, perhaps in a cemetery. If you walk as a family, discuss the question, “Why is Easter so important?” Or send a thoughtful note or card to someone who has lost a loved one and encourage them with the hope we have in Jesus Christ who is the resurrection and the life.

Easter Sunday, April 12
READ: Jesus’ Resurrection, Matthew 28:1-20
REFLECT: Rise early this morning and read the story of the resurrection of Jesus before you come to Easter Sunday worship to prepare you own heart for worship. Describe how the women must have felt—described by Matthew as “afraid yet filled with joy” as they left the empty tomb. Use your imagination and try to put yourself in their place and feel the feelings they must have had.
PRAYER: Lord, you are my hope. When life gets most challenging, I find my hope in you, who, having faced the worst, rose victorious from the grave. I want to live my life with hope and optimism...
RESPOND: Join with Christians around the world in celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ by attending either the 9:00 am or 11:00 am Easter worship service. During worship, consider how the power of the resurrection has transformed your life. Write on a communication card, what you once were—before Christ was in your life—and what you are today as a result of the living Christ in you.

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