Lifegroups provide a place for people to go deeper in relationship with each other and with God. They consist of two or more people getting together weekly to connect in relationships and to pray for one another and study the Bible together, learning what it means for our day-to-day life. It’s a place where everyone knows your name, a place to celebrate and a place of support when life gets tough. Join a Lifegroup to be a part of the REALationship experience. Contact Pastor Juli at 425.259.9166 or to get connected.

WHY i love my life group

“I've been in a Lifegroup for over 10 years.  I joined a Lifegroup in order to be part of a close-knit group of Christians to do life with, to encourage and enrich each other lives, to have a safe place to be real. My Lifegroup has become my loving and caring family who prays for God's will in each of our struggles and rejoices with each of our victories.  I cannot imagine my life without these people who have become a big part of my life and my heart.”  ~ Janet Beesinger

Our Sunday morning teaching series for the season of Advent is called "Divine Interruption: What to do when God messes up your plans."   Through this series, we'll see how God is capable of doing great things in our lives, even in circumstances that we wouldn't have imagined for ourselves.  Several of our Lifegroups will be following along with the series and digging even deeper in to each week's topics.  Printed copies are available on Sunday mornings.  If you would benefit from having a digital copy, please click HERE to download one or click on the Divine Interruption image to the left.

Lifegroups Available

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